Foot in the Door campaign, by Jeff Cummins

Foot in the Door teaser DM

Jeff Cummins says: “Having recently relocated to the North West, I wanted to introduce myself to a handful of nearby agencies, in and around Chester. I came up with a three-part teaser direct mail idea; Step One: A rustic package, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. Inside; a single baseball boot with a card attached, entitled; ‘Step One; A foot in the door’, with a line diagram of the boot.

“Step Two: The other boot, this time unlaced, wrapped as before, with card entitled; ‘Step Two: Pair up’ The boot diagram labels point out the qualities of the classic product and that of the creative.

“Step Three: The shoebox, (again wrapped in brown paper and string), containing the missing lace attached to final card, entitled; ‘Step Three: Converse. (Tie up the loose ends)’. This card includes my contact details.”