Frieze Art Fair 2015 design, by Universal Design Studio


Universal Design Studio has expanded the concept it created last year for the Frieze Art Fair by bringing in several new elements.

The Frieze sign has been turned into an “entry pavilion” referencing the dimensions of the fair which is housed in London’s Regent’s Park.

From the outside it appears as an ambiguous monolith and is made up of membrane, steel, board and aluminium. 

Inside non-gallery spaces have been given their own identity and reference the park location. Universal has worked with Hattie Fox from That Flower Shop on the organic designs.

Universal Design Studio director Jason Holley says: “We were keen to find ways of bringing the park in to the Fair. We achieved this by creating an entrance experience which is in dialogue with the tree canopy, framing and drawing attention to the transition between the Park and Frieze, and through the creation of windows within the restaurant which offer glimpses into the park.”

The Reading Room is a new bookshop area, and there is a new Petersham Nurseries Restaurant located on a mezzanine which overlooks the fair. 

Meanwhile aisles, connections and turning points have been revised to improve flow and giving visitors more space to pause and look.