Helsexinki exhibition, by Helsinki City Museum

Helsinki City Museum has opened its latest exhibition looking at sexuality, gender and sex in the Finnish capital.

Helsexinki documents the experiences of locals based on interviews carried out by the museum with people from gender or sexual minority groups and those working in the sex industry.

Their stories deal with themes including sex education in schools, prejudices and the image of gender and sexual minority groups in the media, with quotes from the interviewees covering the walls of the exhibition.

The exhibition design was carried out by Finnish designer Tarja Kunttunen, and features a room decorated in the style of a retro red light district and a reproduction of the outdoor wall of a famous men’s toilet and secret meeting place in the city.

Helsexinki is running until 28 January 2018 at the Helsinki City Museum, Aleksanterinkatu 16, Helsinki, Finland. Entry is free. For more information, visit the museum’s site.