Labyrinth maze book illustrations, by Théo Guignard

Illustrator Théo Guignard has released a tricky puzzle book featuring 14 kaleidoscopic mazes, which grow in complexity as the book progresses.

Labyrinth, published by Quarto Knows, is filled with bold, colourful graphic designs, which aim to provide the “perfect visual introduction to reading” for children, and which have been inspired by the style and layout of video games.

The book takes the reader on a journey through plants, skyscrapers, futuristic cities and wild habitats, offering clues to spot hidden treasures.

It is suitable for children aged five and up, but its challenging puzzles can be enjoyed “by the whole family”, the book reads.

Labyrinth is published 2 March, and is available to buy for £12.99 from Quarto Know’s website as part of Wide Eyed Editions.