Lyle’s Golden Syrup seasonal packaging, by Design Bridge

Lyles Golden Syrup Flippin Good

Design Bridge has designed seasonal packaging for Lyle’s Golden Syrup to coincide with Pancake Day.

The design, which will appear on all tins and squeezy bottles for a three-month stretch, looks to “make it Pancake Day, every day”, according to the consultancy.

Features include swapping out the brand name with the phrase “Flippin’ Good Pancakes”, with the words being tilted to resemble a pancake being flipped in a frying pan.

The filigree detailing on the front of the pack has also been redrawn to incorporate lemon slices, and spatulas have been woven into the packaging’s decorative border.

The limited edition packaging will launch later this month.

Lyles Golden Syrup Flippin
Lyles Golden Syrup Flippin Good lemon detail v1