Merck identity, by FutureBrand


FutureBrand has created the new identity for German science and technology company Merck.

The consultancy says it has aimed to avoid the cliches of scientific companies by creating a “vibrant” brand.

FutureBrand says: “We found the answer at the heart of the Merck business – in the infinitely fascinating world under the microscope. This is where scientists look for their answers and where Merck look closer than anyone else.

“Inspired by this vivid universe, FutureBrand created an ecosystem of elements: striking colours, expressive cells, energetic strings and experiential microbes that can be combined to celebrate Merck’s imagination.

“A clear wordmark lives alongside a constantly changeable ‘Vibrant M’, used to unite all of Merck’s businesses and signal the presence of vibrant science and technology.

“All of this is held together with a simultaneously technical and organic typeface that allows Merck to tell its most colourful stories ever.”

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