Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move, by Rebecca Roke

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Architecture and design writer Rebecca Roke has released a new book which looks at mobile, portable and movable architectural structures, called Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move.

Designed by StudioKanna, the book features photos of more than 250 mobile architectural structures, ranging from tents and caravans to designs that look to tackle social issues such as the refugee crisis and homelessness.

It is arranged into eight chapters based on the projects’ means of mobility – Human; No Wheels; One & Two Wheels; Three Wheels; Four Wheels; 5+ Wheels; Sleds and Water.

Every project includes details of the structure, the name of the architect, designer, artist or maker, the country of origin, and its completion date.

Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move is published by Phaidon.

Mobitecture: Architecture on the Move, Rebecca Roke, Phaidon. Open at pages 60-61, showing Bibliobeach by Matali Crasset (left) and POP PUP by MOTOElastico with VCUQatar (right)
Mobile Kitchen, Geneva University of Art and Design, Switzerland, 2013. Steel framing, plywood, plasterboard, wheels, kitchenware. Picture credit: Emmanuelle Bayart (page 118)
Antiroom II, Elena Chiavi, Ahmad el Mad, Matteo Goldoni, Malta, 2015. Wood panels, mesh curtains. Picture credit: Ahmad El Mad (page 261)
Waterwalk 1, Spatial Effects, The Netherlands, 2005. PVC, zipper. Picture credit: Theo Botschuijver (page 252)
Mobile Shop, How About Studio, UK, 2016. Steel, tiles, wheels, aluminium. Picture credit: GG Archard (page 185)
25 Pedra de Sal, Jacinta and Casimiro Costa, Portugal, 2007. Tricycle, repurposed kitchen unit, acrylic sheet, mirror. Picture credit: Casimiro da Costa (page 171)
Camper Bike, Kevin Cyr, USA, 2008. Tricycle, corrugated aluminium, Plexiglas, plywood, timber. Picture credit: Kevin Cyr (page 164)
Y-BIO, Archinoma, Ukraine, 2009. Steel framing, canvas, timber, steel staircase. Picture credit: Aventoza (page 63)