NASA new planet poster, by NASA

© NASA-JPL/Caltech

NASA has released a new retro-inspired travel poster to celebrate its discovery of seven Earth-sized planets.

The planets, found around a single star outside our solar system are 40 light years from Earth. Three of the planets are located in the “habitable zone”, the area around the star where liquid water is most likely to be detected.

The poster imagines space tourism to the newly discovered TRAPPIST-1 solar system. It gives a passenger’s view of the planet, TRAPPIST-1e and has a red sci-fi theme featuring other nearby planets and objects moving in the sky.

The latest poster follows the 14 futuristic posters released as part of NASA’s Visions of the Future series in 2016.

The posters were designed by a range of artists working in collaboration with scientists, engineers and experts.