Post-it note war, by various

post it note wars 3

Several Manchester-based creative and digital agencies are attempting to outdo each other in a Post-it note war.

What started out as a way for Reason Digital to welcome Code Computerlove to its new studio on Dale Street by making a “hello” sign out of Post-it notes on its window, quickly escalated to Post-it PacMans and Space Invaders.

The Post-it war now involves a total of four consultancies in the city’s Northern Quarter, including Anything Digital, The Neighbourhood and design school Hyper Island.

Wini Tse, founder and director at Code Computerlove, says: “So far we’ve had Pac Man, Super Mario and even Hyper Island’s programme leader Tash Wilcox as part of the exchange, but we’re expecting to see lots more. The challenge is turning into our own British version of #canalnotes.”

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