Star Wars flags, by Scott Kelly

star wars flags 1
By Scott Kelly

London-based designer Scott Kelly has designed flags for 105 planets in the Star Wars universe.

Each flag includes the canton, chevron and 2:3 ratio traditional to flag design and then draws on each planet’s social, political and geographical attributes.

Kelly has spent a year on the project so far and plans to continue until he has designed flags for all of the 300-odd planets.

star wars flags 2
By Scott Kelly


flag 3
Flag for Rhommamool

Yellow represents Rhommamool’s main mineral export and the sun is a nod towards the Osarians.

flag 1
Flag for Tatooine

The red stripe represents the rule that Hutts Lords have in Tatooine. The yellow represents the desert that covers the planet and two circles are the two suns that Tatooine orbit.

flag 2
Flag for Malastare

Royal blue shows Malastare’s affiliation with the galactic republic and its political significance. The image represents Malastare’s role in developing the Hydian Way trade route and also the inhabitants’ love for podracing.