Summer Exhibition installations, by Ron Arad

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Artist, designer and architect Ron Arad is holding his inaugural London solo exhibition at Ben Brown Fine Arts this summer. Summer Exhibition will feature Arad’s most recent work, ranging from sculptures to industrial design. The striking Puddles – 32 unique, mirror-polished stainless steel tables – were created especially for the exhibition, and curve around the corners and climb up the walls of the gallery space. Visitors can also admire Useful, Beautiful, Love, a 900kg cedar log that has been transformed into a glider decorated with Arad’s handwriting.

Another notable piece is the chair series Even the Oddballs, which presents two chairs that are positive and negative versions of the same reflective stainless steel silhouette – one chair features holes, while the other is comprised of the gaps between the holes.

Summer Exhibition is on between 22 June and 15 September, and coincides with the unveiling of three major public artworks by the artist in London. These will be located in the courtyard of the Royal Academy of the Arts, at St. Pancras International, and at the Roundhouse.

Arad - Useful, Beautiful, Love. - 2016 (ARA00182) (3)
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Arad - Hedgehog - 2016 (ARA00179)

All images © Ron Arad, 2016. Courtesy Ben Brown Fine Arts, London.