Thinking Through Drawing: Chris Wilkinson, The British School at Rome

Chris Wilkinson_Thinking through drawing_Gasholders (4)

The British School at Rome, Italy has opened at exhibition celebrating architect and founder of WilkinsonEyre, Chris Wilkinson.

Thinking Through Drawing explores the importance of sketching to the creative process, bringing together thirty years of Wilkinson’s architectural drawings and sketchbooks.

Highlights include initial site studies, early concepts and design development for UK projects such as the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth; Maggie’s Centre, Oxford; the Kings Cross Gasholders and the Dyson Campus in Malmesbury.

“For me, the process of drawing helps to inform my architecture. Like centuries of architects before me, I enjoy sketching, both what I see and what I’m thinking,” says Wilkinson.

“Drawing being the language for communicating ideas, is still very much a part of the design process.”

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