Dear Santa: running gear, a cinema membership and social media skills please

As we approach the most wonderful time of the year, we ask creative directors what gift someone should buy a designer for Christmas.

Jack Renwick, creative director and founder, Jack Renwick Studio

“The bravado of an advertising planner; the billing ability of a lawyer; the drawing ability of an illustrator; the presentation skills of an actor; the social media skills of a teenager… and a day off.”

Afroditi Krassa, founder, AfroditiKrassa

“Inspiration! My personal, biggest source of visual inspiration is film. Each movie is a mini world of people, spaces and sounds, very much like the restaurants we design. So I would recommend an annual membership to a great cinema, such as Curzon. The designer in your life can get lost for a couple of hours in the company of some good wine, a cheeseboard and designer seating.”

Fredrik Öst, founder and creative director, Snask © Jussi-Hellsten

“I guessed that a lot of the answers would include pretentious, designer stuff, so I’ve decided to go for a more healthy approach. I think most designers sit in front of their computers too much and therefore they should move around more. Perhaps buying a gym card or membership may be a bit too expensive, but why not some good looking running clothes? Ones that won’t make them look like an idiot when they’ve decided to actually lift their asses off their seats.”

Nicolas Roope, founder and creative director, Poke

“You can’t buy a designer a designer thing, that’s lazy. Although I’m sure you’ll do it anyway, it just encourages them to live in their designer bubble, hoping that it doesn’t pop and tawdry normality pours in. 2017 has been the year for bursting bubbles, so this year maybe you should do just that for designers. But then again, finding ‘the opposite of design’ is hard, even if it feels like bad design is everywhere. I don’t want to advocate adding to the landfill, so go on, just buy them a designer thing after all. I know a cool lightbulb you could get them…”

What should you buy a designer for Christmas this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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