Be brave and reveal your results for 2009

So the submission date for the Top 100 Consultancy Survey is almost upon us again. I suspect that given the year we have all just been through, completing it this time around is going to be an unpleasant experience for a number of consultancies.

I’ll be the first to admit that our own results didn’t make particularly comfortable reading. Of course, resigning a half-million pound account on principle at the beginning of 2009 didn’t help, but that decision has since been more than vindicated.

We’re now into 2010 in a much stronger position with some serious growth taking place. However, I must admit that when I first looked back at 2009 I did consider for a second whether we should be entering this year’s league tables or not. But that’s not what our company is about.

Everything about us says no bullshit, and with that goes the confidence to tell it as it happened and then get on and take all the opportunities the new year has brought.

Will others do the same?

Joe Bakowski, Managing director, Stocks Taylor Benson, by e-mail

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