Let’s take steps to unleash our innovative power

It was interesting to read your account of the Designers Breakfast event we ran to provide a response to the Government’s New Talents for the New Economy report (News in Depth, DW 22 May).

We support Nesta panellist Jon Kingsbury’s assertion that design groups need to grow to compete globally, but we think there’s an alternative – the untapped UK SME market.

Sir George Cox told designers at our January event that their vision is what’s needed to help conservative UK SMEs innovate. Stimulating domestic demand is equally important to reviving the economy. The Design Council’s Designing Demand initiative is a positive step in delivering designers’ innovative power to British industry. But we urge the Government to ramp up efforts to sell design thinking’s pivotal contribution to solving business problems. We also welcome a debate about new charging models.

This isn’t a one-way conversation and designers must become more confident business people.

Pippa Crawford, Ministry of Love, London N16

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