15 February 1996


‘A pink feather to tickle your fancy, a condom to play it safe or a pair of cherry lips to kiss your desire?’ offers Still Waters Run Deep, which enclosed these items in vacuum packs for Valentine’s Day and sold them for 5.95 each at the Design Museum shop.’The idea came from our Christmas cards, […]

Let’s get the motorbike thing straightened out

Writing letters is clearly not my forte. I do apologise for upsetting motorcycling DW readers, (DW 5 January). I do like motorbikes and owned one for many years – a BSA Bantam would you believe. These days I wear away rubber by walking or pedal-cycling around our “wonderful metropolis” (Letters, DW 2 February), with the […]

Shoe range takes Italian step

Emilio Luca, a fictional Italian shoe designer, is the brand name of a new collection of shoes launched by British Shoe Corporation this week. The brand name, identity, packaging and launch literature is by Parker Stratton Design. The embattled British Shoe Corporation, currently suffering job cuts after parent group Sears’ sale of Saxone and Curtis […]

Lack of CTI does not mean lack of initiative

The decision to set up a Computers in Teaching Initiative (CTI) centre for art and design (News, DW 26 January), is a welcome move. However, your article implied that Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication has failed to embrace digital technology. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are committed to new technologies, as […]

No Title

Signage aimed at kids often copies either Jackson Pollock-style scribbles or Beatrix Potter cuteness, and pointers for adults can be just as clichéd. But Beverley Cohen outlines three projects where the signage is a feature in itself

MICE buys PT Barclay

The Museums Interiors Conferences Exhibitions Group (MICE) has acquired CAD group PT Barclay & Partners in a 450 000 deal, including 200 000 to clear outstanding debts.


The extremely fashionable anti-fashion magazine Blow has been redesigned by London design consultancy 10×5. The designers – including James Hodgson, Stephen Turner and Todd Turner – have worked on parts of previous editions of Blow. But issue number ten is 10×5’s first try at designing the whole thing. A die-cut cover sets the tone. Current […]

Landor develops Kodak identity

Landor has created the name, identity and packaging for Kodak’s new brand Advantix, which incorporates the Advanced Photo System. This involves frame-by-frame developing and printing techniques for better photographs. The system has been developed by a consortium led by Kodak, which also includes Fuji, Nikon, Canon and Minolta. The other four consortium members are working […]

Carter Wong is hopping mad

Carter Wong’s wind-up frog, a spin-off from the group’s concept designed for the 1995 British Telecom Swimathon, has graced designers’ baths for a year now. And the consultancy was set to kick off this year’s event with a development of this riveting chap when it lost out in a paid pitch to a marketing company […]


That journal of strange phenomena, Fortean Times, goes monthly from May, when it introduces a redesign handled largely in-house. Art director Etienne Gilfillan has gone from two- to four- colour reproduction and opted for a new masthead. Freelance designer Andy Martin contributes icons to signpost the magazine’s sections. The current issue carries some changes, but […]

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