Using the Web to keep kids hooked, seven days a week

Regarding Emily Pacey’s News Analysis (DW 4 December 2008), comic publishers should realise the Web is a prime opportunity to keep engaging with fans between issues. Children are impatient and have trouble waiting a week for the next issue. Designers should think about how content can be showcased online, and if it’s exclusive, even better.

Comic designers should try to concept ideas, regardless of platform. With technologies such as Flash, vector graphics like comic strips translate well.

Other media have already seen this opportunity – TV shows such as Skins have shown how well this can be achieved. Its site offers social networking, downloads and exclusive online storylines between each episode.

Children don’t use the Web like adults – they want to visit a site to be entertained or to interact with other fans. They are open to new types of networking online. You don’t have to reveal a new character or a snippet of a story to make your fans more eager to buy the next issue of the magazine.

Stuart Avery, Managing director, E3, Bristol BS4 3EH

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