Time of the signs

Signs in an art gallery, theatre or hall have to inform a large and varied audience with a different set of needs from travellers at train stations or airports. Emma

Giant flagship for Virgin Vie

Virgin Vie, the brand’s cosmetics retail chain, is currently set to launch a largescale flagship store before embarking on a national expansion programme. The chain has surprised the retail property


Pyott Design has created new duty free brochures for British Airways’ Chinese and Japanese routes. The brochures feature the shiny new BA identity from Newell and Sorrell and an illustration

New concept for convenience

A US petrol retailer is bringing out a new retail concept targeting the convenience store “connoisseur”. – The store concept for Dupont Company subsidiary Conoco is called Breakplace and has

US group to buy Davies Baron

US corporate branding group Diefenbach Elkins has agreed to buy Davies Baron for an undisclosed sum. – The move follows the acquisition of Diefenbach Elkins by the Interpublic Group of

Copycat fee disparity

It’s time for designers to take responsibility for their designs and resist the temptation of getting involved with “me too” own-brand packs for immoral retailers. So we heard at the


Are you interested in Formula One racing? Here’s your chance to look at Formula One images in The Golden Era 1950-1969. – Photographs by Michael Tee.

Mad in Manchester?

Manchester designers really understand the concept of branding. Poo-pooing official efforts for a logo, designers, DJs, architects and the like have put their heads together. Simply Red’s manager Elliot Rashman

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