22 March 2001

Enterprise IG is big in Japan

Enterprise IG has expanded once again, with the opening of a Tokyo office as predicted in Design Week (DW 26 January). The group now has nine offices in Asia with


Fishburn Hedges has written and designed the first annual report for national gas pipeline network owner, Lattice Group.

Inside Cover exhibition catalogue by SAS

The catalogue accompanies the touring exhibition Inside Cover – exploring the role of the book. SAS has reinterpreted the catalogue and produced an innovative loose-leaf publication housed in an unusual


SalterBaxter has designed a website for property development company Centreland that provides a shop window for the company and a promotional section on CityWest Newcastle.

Sandom set for global expansion as Vibrandt

The Sandom Group has merged its international and UK naming, branding and packaging consultancies to form Vibrandt, which will spearhead an international expansion programme. The group has confirmed that acquisitions


Razorfish is to make 15-20 designers redundant in London as part of a third round of job cuts from the network, since October.

Pets, apparently, win prizes

Pets, apparently, win prizes, but HGV Design certainly deserves one for the work it has done for pet home-deliveries company Halo. The consultancy was charged with creating a new image


Stealing eyeballs, focusing on Web design, graphics, animation and new forms of digital film production, runs from 20 April until 20 May in Vienna. International media designers, including Stefan Sagmeister,


Claudio Silvestrin has created the int erior design and layout for the Stanley Spencer exhibition at London’s Tate Modern, which opens this week.

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