Repetition devalues the message, so say it like you mean it

A few weeks ago, you sought examples where sector branding has had to evolve, in the light of an environmental group’s decision to refresh its visual communications to avoid accusations of Greenwash (Voxpop, DW 2 October).

In my experience, if you say the same word over and over again, eventually it loses all meaning.

Seen at your local farmers’ market, the word ‘organic’ carries a certain gravitas.

However, seen on a bottle of mass-produced ‘organic’ ketchup, it is a little harder to swallow.

Products that shout their organic credentials from every aisle of the supermarket are becoming less believable or, worse still, invisible.

Large retailers such as Sainsbury’s, with its So Organic range, use effective design and copywriting to emphasise the truth in their messages.

Proof that, rather than merely saying it louder, you really need to say it like you mean it.

Jamie Ellul, Partner, Magpie Studio, by e-mail

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