26 January 2006

Tonic gets job to put Hyundai on-line

Tonic Design has been appointed to redesign the website for Korean car manufacturer Hyundai. The project marks the creative group’s first foray into automotive branding and design, since its work

Back to books

With library usage in decline, these often-neglected interiors need updating, to bring them into the 21st century and regain public interest. Pamela Buxton explains how designers are looking to retail

News in Pictures

Tayburn has completed the design of the identity supporting Scotland’s bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games (DW 15 December 2005). The identity comprises the logotype, which references famous Scottish architect


CALL FOR ENTRIES The 8th International Fab Awards are open for entries. They reward excellence in creative work done for food and drink brands. Deadline: 16 February. Details: www.fab-awards.com. EVENTS

Match character with destination

Jeremy Hildreth thinks the design for tourism market is set to grow as people express themselves through their choice of holiday destination Many years ago, when I was still a

Soil Assoc set to unveil new branding

The Soil Association is set to unveil a revised brand identity later this year. The organisation’s in-house team has worked alongside numerous undisclosed consultancies on the project. The redesigned logo

Heat store cooker designed by Seymour Powell

Mercury is launching a heat store cooker, Thermastone, designed by Seymour Powell. The cooker features cooking cavities made of silicon carbide, traditionally used for industrial kilns. The hob controls are

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