Bulletproof creates packaging for new PizzaExpress range

Consultancy Bulletproof has created the packaging for the new PizzaExpress frozen range, which complements the existing chilled range.


Consultancy Bulletproof has designed the packaging for a new frozen supermarket range by PizzaExpress.

Artisana is an exclusive range for supermarket Iceland, and follows on from the restaurant’s chilled supermarket range which was launched earlier this year and was also designed by Bulletproof.

The new series includes five pizzas, three ready meals and three gelato ice creams.

The consultancy says it wanted to create a “clear differentiation” between the chilled and frozen ranges, while ensuring the new Artisana range still “felt part of the PizzaExpress family”.

The packaging features brush-stroke typography with a palette of colours to match the ingredients in each item of the range, alongside food photography. It also features a large crest of the PizzaExpress logo.

The chilled range was launched in May of this year, and also incorporates the handwritten typography style alongside a flavour variant colour palette. At the time, Bulletproof said this was to create “authenticity” and help shelf visibility.

The consultancy says that the new frozen range aims to have a “premium look” and “stand out in the frozen pizza category”. It begins rolling out this week.

PizzaExpress_Frozen_mealspizzaexpress_frozen_ice-creamlidsPizzaExpress_Frozen_ice cream

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  • alberto September 28, 2016 at 10:59 am

    I don’t discuss about the pictures of ‘italian food’. (!?). But about the italian language, yes. Why a professional designer like Bulletproof doesn’t use the correct italian words? Why use a logo ‘liberty style’ (origin Paris/France), mixed with italian copy? I think that a good designer must have a perfect knowledge of the styles and culture. What do you think about a pack of a pudding using a russian logo and write Pudinng?
    (sorry about my terrible english)

    • Hannah Wardle October 1, 2016 at 7:16 pm

      A great observation Alberto, I certainly agree. Out of interest – what amends would you suggest?

  • Brandcouver October 3, 2016 at 8:22 pm

    I have to agree with Alberto. There seems to be a strange dichotomy between the handwritten brush letters and the ‘Art Nouveau’ logo. On top of it the overall execution seems to be more of a contemporary take. I think they would do well to align all three. Using Alberto’s suggestion, I think a more authentic Italian approach thru-out would work wonders here.


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