Graduates are desperate to be given a chance

I read the article on students getting placements in the industry while they are learning (DW 13 April). I was very lucky that a local company employed me, on a freelance basis, to do its advertising while I was at college. But the problem I’m having, since leaving college last year, is that I can’t get a full-time job.

I have joined job agencies, sent CVs out, built a website (, applied for every job under the sun and I have had quite a few interviews. But, after these interviews, if I hear back from the company, they say I’m too experienced for junior jobs and not experienced enough for middleweight positions.

What am I to do? I find it so frustrating that after some interviews I don’t hear back at all, which is rude – I’d like to know why I wasn’t suitable.

Consultancies need to look more at graduates leaving university, because we are so keen to work, we are just desperate for that chance to prove ourselves as good designers.

Susan Carter, West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, HP14 4EX

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