27 April 2006

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Billed as the latest must-have hi-tech gizmo, Nabaztag is a ‘smart rabbit’ that is permanently connected to the Internet through a broadband wireless connection. Designed by Paris company Violet, Nabaztag retails at £80 and is available from the Design Museum in London. Biz-R has created the brand identity and packaging for Holy Cow Organic, a […]

Area Sq flies £3m revamp of EasyJet’s Luton headquarters

Work starts on site at EasyJet’s new corporate headquarters at Luton Airport this week, with interiors designed by Area Sq, in what is a £3.1m refurbishment project for the group. The consultancy was appointed in January, following a three-way pitch against undisclosed groups in December last year. The interiors are expected to be complete by […]

Audit time

Back in the late 1990s, the Audi TT took the design world by storm, but does the new TT Coupé stand a chance of matching the success of its predecessor? asks John Stones From its origins as a sketch on a napkin by Freeman Thomas, the Audi TT – love it or hate it – […]

At the heart of it all

Some say design leadership begins in the boardroom, but David Bernstein believes design should be allowed to flourish at an organisation’s very core. Design leadership. What does the term mean? Help was at hand at last month’s Design Management Institute conference in Amsterdam, Meeting the Challenge of Design Leadership. The publicity leaflet said/ ‘Design leadership […]

Proximity London appoints digital creative director

Digital consultancy Proximity London has appointed Pete Petrella as creative director of digital, overseeing a team of eight. Petrella was previously associate creative director at Wheel. The group is seeking to appoint additional designers.

Profile: Teresa Monachino

Teresa Monachino has combined her love of typography and the English language in a book that gently subverts and questions the art of expression. Trish Lorenz talks to the designer with a passion for words Typography is the art of detail. By its nature, it appeals to those in quest of perfection and Teresa Monachino […]


Amazon has begun to sell corn flakes and soup, in a bid to become a mighty, one-stop, on-line shopping destination. Do books and groceries sit happily together on the virtual shelf and, if anything goes, what could other retailers add to their portfolio?The real growth is in independents, via Ebay, and hard discounters selling everything […]

Modernism teaches us to strive for our ideals

The Modernism exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum depicts a time when artists, architects and designers had a strong influence to react to. Destruction was all around and, for the years preceding, the majority of research and development was war-related. There was a need to re-construct and a desire to live in a war-free, […]

From No One to SomeOne

Going solo may seem like a scary option, but the rewards can be great, argues Simon Manchipp, who has taken the leap. I’ve flown the nest, cut the apron strings and moved on. I’ve got the P45 to prove it. I’m out in the ‘real world’, I’m on my own, going solo. Well, kind of […]


When I was training as an architect in Liverpool about 20 years ago, a friendly-looking guy called Nigel Irens turned up to tell us how he designed boats.When you build some of the best racing trimarans in the world (he did Ellen Macarthur’s B&Q, for instance), you don’t design for style, you design for function. […]

Sandeman revamped by Wren & Rowe

Global fortified wine producer Sandeman is relaunching with a redesigned corporate identity and overhauled packaging, in a six-figure-a-year design project by Wren & Rowe. It is the first time the Portuguese wine-maker has made any changes to its identity since the mid-1980s, and the first major revamp of the company’s image since it was created […]

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