27 July-2 August 2015

“We will introduce contestable design into the long history of design at RCA”

The Royal College of Art is heralding its appointment of Oron Catts and Dr Ionat Zurr as visiting faculty at its School of Design, saying they will continue the critical design work pioneered at the RCA by the soon-to-depart Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby.

Australia-based Catts and Zurr work in the fields of regenerative and synthetic biology – their work includes projects to “grow” meat and leather products and investigations into genetic manipulation.

But where does the science stop and the design begin? How can Catts and Zurr bring their practice to the design studios of the RCA? And how will they build on the legacy of Dunne and Raby? We spoke to them to find out.

Deltek White Paper: How to stop projects from getting out of hand

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