Lypsyl undergoes rebrand to appear more “contemporary”

The lip balm brand has been around for 125 years and needed a new logo to keep up with competitors, says design consultancy Seymourpowell.


Lip balm brand Lypsyl has a new logo and packaging design, completed by Seymourpowell.

The brief was to make the brand – which was founded in 1891 – more relevant and contemporary, says the consultancy.

Despite the brand’s 125-year history, the lip balm category has “matured and evolved” with competitors, “leaving Lypsyl behind”, says Seymourpowell’s client director Claire Fisher.

The lip-shaped brand mark has been redrawn, to make it more “modern and playful”, says Seymourpowell design director Igor Astrologo. The curved edges of the outline have been replaced by sharper ones, and the mark now spills over the side of the packaging.

The new logotype aims to be more “retro”, says Astrologo, replacing the soft, curved, lowercase sans-serif with a sharper uppercase typeface which has an outline. A new colour palette of light blue, dark blue and white has also been used.

The packaging has been cleaned up, replacing previous geometric patterns with block colours to indicate different flavours.

To emphasise the history of the brand, “Est. 1891” has been added underneath the logotype, as well as the tagline “Protecting and Nourishing the Nation’s Lips”.

Alongside the rebrand comes a new variation of product flavours which aim to be “more adventurous” and “feel more natural”, says Seymourpowell. This includes Mint & Fennel, and Coconut & Almond.

The new branding and packaging design will be used across the entire Lypsyl portfolio of products, which alongside lip balm also includes cold sore treatments and sun protection.

The new branding has started rolling out.

10 November 2016. Lypsyl VIP lip balm event. Artist Residence, London. Photographer: Rick Findler
10 November 2016. Lypsyl VIP lip balm event. Artist Residence, London. Photographer: Rick Findler


10 November 2016. Lypsyl VIP lip balm event. Artist Residence, London. Photographer: Rick Findler
All photos courtesy of Rick Findler.

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  • Steve March 29, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    New packaging is OK but it is confusing for sellers and buyers as it says both the original and new formula, which is it? My taste says it’s a different product .Where can I buy the old version in the dark blue package.

  • Steve Wilson April 11, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    Shocking. What have they done? This is the 2nd change to the original formula, the last was bad enough but tolerable this has gone too far. The original original was less greasy and long lasting, it is now very greasy and lasts not very long at all before lips feel they are drying out. Lets not kid ourselves lip balms can be very addictive iv’e been using Lypsyl since a teenager and have never looked for any other product, however this most recent change in formula is massive and they have now joined the ranks of chapstick. Well done, get a brand that works and ruin it. Maybe this new formula that requires applying more frequently is their secret plan to increase sales.

  • Stephen Yates October 22, 2017 at 9:29 am

    Why change the formula, this formula when carrying the lip balm in your pocket (not in trouser, in a jacket) or left on the side in warm weather goes soft and greasy, it becomes unusable, I have been using Lipsyl from an early age, every day through all seasons, I have been walking around towns, going into all pharmacy`s to buy as many of the old dark blue lypsyl`s I can find, Lypsyl is the only balm that works for me, this `new formula` I bought 4 used only part of 1, thrown the rest away, once I have used up or cannot find anymore of the other I will have to find another product or you guys go back to the original,

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