5 August 2010

Interaction reaches far beyond the Web – it is central to all our work

We don’t need to be told that the future is digital, not just for design, but also for ordinary folk. We are already living the digital life in just about everything we do. Our columnist Adrian Shaughnessy points up the way Internet use is changing our brains and social media reshaping our habits (see Private […]

Trine chair

Tracing the grain

An exhibition of John Makepeace’s work is as much about the achievements and genius of ’the father of British furniture design’, as it is a celebration of wood in all its glory. Inspired by Danish designers in the 1960s, Makepeace built his own workshop and soon earned acclaim for retail products and in competitions. In […]

Tiptree’s ‘adult’ range of ice creams

Cool again

Ice cream is making a comeback. Forget Fab lollies and kitsch 1950s paraphernalia and say hello to a world of adult indulgence, bespoke flavours and retail drama. John Stones warms to this chilled reinvention

City ID’s Legible City Southampton Common map

Handheld universe

Mapping and GPS technology for mobile devices are rapidly coming of age, offering the scope to provide plenty of fun and information along with directions from A to B. Anna Richardson investigates this emerging scene – and wonders a little what will happen to our traditional map-reading skills

Simon Spilsbury

Profile: Simon Spilsbury

Despite impressive work with digital and moving image, this illustrator’s skills are most spontaneous in simple pen and ink. Garrick Webster talks to the award-winning artist from Bath whose latest project is a Government-backed online archive


What alternative name would you have given to the London bicycle hire scheme, which is currently called Barclays Cycle Hire?

…Strengthen the economy and promote collaboration

The economic value of UK investment in design is out of the scope of the Design Council review (Voxpop, DW 29 July), so it will need to be supported by streamlined and agile public and private partnerships. This will allow it to drive and promote real collaboration, introduce ’new design thinking’ and provide insight into […]

A future role for the Design Council? To champion risk…

With the future of the Design Council now under review, you recently posed the question, ’What do you think its role should be?’ (Voxpop, DW 29 July). The Design Council, which was then known as the Council of Industrial Design, started life under wartime siege conditions in 1944. It created great ideas – the Britain […]

If the content’s fun it’ll keep us interested

There are some helpful observations in Anna Richardson’s feature Screen Literate (DW 29 July), but I challenge her assertion that attention spans are much shorter among online audiences. The excellent Poynter Eyetrack studies, which looked at how people read print and digital newspapers, suggest that while online readers may navigate quickly to the content that […]

Inspired: Dean Johnson – Brandwidth

Ask a bunch of students what interactive design is all about and more often than not, the answer will be ’digital, Web, mobile stuff’. However, bringing it back to basics, it is about creating moments to interact with the world around us, in its digital, human and physical form. I loved books from the moment […]

Best of the Web

  http://tiny.cc/6o6y9 Hooked is a great blog for lovers of street art, graffiti, photography and illustration. Last week’s Street Art Walking Tour around east London found loads of QR code stickers (giving access to Web pages from your mobile) next to graffiti, which link to the I Could Do That site – where the public […]

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