Time we celebrated the real unsung stars of design

Stephen Bayley does not see a problem with Hollywood actors and pop stars posing as designers and architects (DW Interiors supplement, April).

Pop stars and actors, I agree, do help to promote a product, but as for calling themselves designers, well, that’s another matter.

True designers are born, like my husband Peter Morris, who not only designs furniture, but is also involved in the engineering of the product.

It is designers like him, who produce and manufacture in this country, that we need to praise, promote and support.

Small businessmen need help to enable Britain to move forward and become the country where products ‘Made in England’ are once more the products to aspire to.

For many years our designers, like their families before them, have been, without recognition, supplying the folk of this country.

These are the designers that need film stars and the like to help promote their work.

Sheila Kirby-Morris, by e-mail

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