6 August 1998

In search of a little lift

The wet, dull summer has left Tim Rich feeling a bit down. He eventually finds a design tonic in the most unlikely venues of Sainsbury’s and Fishguard.

Boots the Optician brings in BDG McColl

Boots the Optician is working with retail design specialist BDG McColl on store interiors and graphics, in a bid to explore “new ways to present our in-store environments”, says a spokeswoman for the high street chain. BDG McColl is currently working with a project group formed of staff from Boots the Optician, she says. The […]

Springett targets kids in the sports shoe war

Springett Associates has created new brand positioning for a children’s trainer brand, to broaden its appeal from sports to general activities. CICA is the only trainer brand designed specifically for children, says client brand manager John Parkinson. “It seems far more sensible to market them as all-round action shoes rather than as sports shoes,” he […]


The Gallery at Pentagram AOI Awards exhibits a selection of work by illustrators who took part in the Association of Illustrators – Images 22 last year. Illustrators George Hardie (work shown below), Russell Walker, Jason Ford, David Hughes and Michael Sheeny were chosen by the Pentagram partners. From 10 August until 18 September. Venue: The […]

Bamber Forsyth fills creative post

Bamber Forsyth has promoted senior director Lee Hoddy to creative director, a post vacated last year when Jon Henry left the group (DW 4 July 1997). The promotion forms part of a bigger restructure to formalise creative roles and strengthen the group’s new media offering. In the period since Henry’s departure, the creative director role […]


The work of students and recent graduates from UK art colleges is on show at Newcontemporaries98. Until 20 September. – Venue: Camden Arts Centre, Arkwright Road, London NW3.

JJB Sports acquisition

Retailer JJB Sports will convert its newly acquired Sports Division chain to JJB outlets during the next two to three years, according to a spokeswoman for the company. The acquisition is conditional on shareholder approval which is expected at an extraordinary general meeting on 10 August. The spokeswoman says there are no plans to evolve […]

Like a rolling stone…

‘If this [job] doesn’t work, I’m going to the US,’ Kate Irving told DW shortly after joining marketing services group Chambers Culross Barrow in March this year. Now, like magician Paul Daniels and boxer Frank Bruno who promised to emigrate if Labour won the General Election, she has failed to live up to her word. […]

Design annual

The deadline for entries to the European Design Annual 4 has been extended until 4 September. – Contact: Sarah Jameson on 01273 716027 or e-mail sarahj@rotovision.


The Coexistence Summer Sale runs until 18 September. Big discounts are available on virtually all products. New stock will be displayed this autumn on completion of the present building work. Venue: Coexistence, 288 Upper Street, London N1.

Government must try harder to promote UK

Why do we make such a hash of “British” exhibitions? Neal Potter’s letter (opposite) sums up the frustration of many exhibition designers involved with Government-backed shows. We have the creative talent, but not the will or experience to use it well. Potter’s comments on the British pavilion at the current Lisbon Expo echo those already […]

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