JKR creates new vibrant branding for Stella Artois Cidre range

Consultancy JKR has redesigned the packaging and logo of Stella Artois’ sub-brand Cidre, placing fruit imagery at the centre of its labelling.

INB1730_5a_Cidre_Family (2)

JKR has redesigned the packaging for Stella Artois’ fruit cider range Cidre, with the aim of highlighting the natural qualities of the drink.

The cider’s visual identity previously comprised an italic logotype with a coloured outline to match the flavour within the brand. It did not include any imagery.

Now a new wordmark has been introduced to the label which aims to create a “paint stroke” effect along with imagery of the different fruit used to make the cider for each flavour, including apple, pear, peach, raspberry and elderflower.

The Stella Artois logo has also been reduced in size, and other straplines removed from the front-facing side of the pack, placing the fruit imagery at the centre of focus. It aims to “highlight the brand’s hand-picked fruit flavours”, says Ally Atha, senior brand manager at Stella Artois.

The packaging design aims to “set the cider brand apart from its competitors”, says Atha, through appearing “striking and sophisticated”.

It is being rolled out across the brand’s Cidre range across the UK, and follows JKR’s refresh of the Stella Artois beer bottle’s structural design.

INB1774 1c Cidre 500ml_Apple
INB1774 1c Cidre 500ml_Elderflower
INB1774 1c Cidre 500ml_Peach
INB1774 1c Cidre 500ml_Pear
INB1774 1c Cidre 500ml_Raspberry
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  • Graphic Designer June 8, 2016 at 11:50 am

    Looks cheap and terrible. Like a cheap bottle of wine from 1980.

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