Ever since I was a child the future has fascinated me: what will life be like in 100 years’ time? How will people interact with the things around them? From the moment I saw Ridley Scott’s electrifying cityscape, with its gigantic free-floating flat screens, I was hooked. Films, books, comics, even video games set in the future have done it for me ever since.

What I love most is the freedom of form and function, from talking computers with minds of their own to instant teleportation. Anything goes in these visions of the future, and, in fact, the most outlandish creations are often the best.

This has influenced everything I’ve done in some way, from interface design to on-line ad campaigns – it has instilled in me the belief that the more fantastic an idea the better, because it’s the really visionary stuff that has longevity.

The movies 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, Star Wars and Alien all stand the test of time. These fantastic creations remind me that I should strive to be original in everything I do, fresh in my thinking, and above all else, try to make it future proof.

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