7 August 2008

Simplicity beats glitz in hotel interiors

Who needs gold, marble and old-school opulence? These days, discerning boutique hotel designers opt for simplicity and understated elegance, convinced that sparingly used quality materials beat glitz and glamour, says Clare DowdyLuxurious and ornate, combining the height of opulence with an overwhelming sense of tradition.’ This may sound like a pretty standard description of a […]

In Search of the perfect typography tome

Books on typography are often dreary tomes, but a new sourcebook goes some way towards conveying the excitement of fonts. Michael Johnson, however, is still on the look-out for the definitive publicationOnce, anyone interested in graphic design either had to trust one of the few journals that existed – if they could find them – […]

Speedo repackages for the Olympics

While Olympic swimmers are this week contending with Beijing smog, Speedo is set to reinvent its entire goggles range with what it claims is the category’s first sustainably designed packaging.North London consultancy R Design, which won the project without a pitch last year, has redesigned both structural packaging and on-pack graphics for the 260-strong range, […]

London design festival goes sustainable

This year’s London Design Festival will host a creative space that will reach out to the design community, its clients and the wider political arena on the key issues around the role of design in sustainability.It is the first time that the LDF has hosted a major dedicated sustainable design event, backed by such a […]

Bullet point-to-point

You can almost hear revving engines, and taste dusty air, when you look at Iain Crockart’s photographs. The one-time creative director of CDT Design rode 1600km through the Himachal Pradesh, the sparsely populated region in north-east India that’s also known as the Region of Snowy Mountains and Deva Bhoomi (the Lands of the Gods). His […]

Striking the right balance

Can creativity be pragmatic? Or do practical considerations stifle the ability to push the envelope? asks Barry SealWhen clients come to design consultancies, it’s for innovative thinking and a high level of creativity – and yet all too often, designers get carried away with the idea without thinking about the practicalities of implementation.Unfortunately, this leads […]


Rob Howell creates sets for some of the biggest West End musicals, but he is just as keen on small-scale drama. The busy theatre designer talks to Nick Smurthwaite about budgets – and taking audiences on a journeyEven though he designed the West End’s most expensive ever musical, The Lord of the Rings, Rob Howell […]

Store design, not price cuts, will beat the retail downturn

It is reported that Tesco is looking to win back customers defecting to cheaper rivals. As prices rocket, the German discount stores probably think all their Christmases have come at once. Long seen as downmarket stores for the poor or the plain tight-fisted, more affluent customers are now flocking to Aldi and Lidl. So what […]

Want a good return on your investment? Try collaboration

Collaboration, as discussed by Lynda Relph-Knight (Comment, DW 3 July), is key to the entire design process. Designers are often treated, at best, as just suppliers by clients and, at worst, as a kind of giant Etch-a-Sketch service. In turn, designers themselves often miss opportunities to harness the power of collaboration. If you’re involved in […]

Branding is the natural domain of the designer

I could not help but be carried along by Simon Black’s sweeping prose and passion for branding as a core mission for ambitious design consultancies, set to leave behind their tactical roots and make for the verdant canopy of the branding forest (Business Insight, DW 24 July). However, I simply have to take issue with […]


Dublin’s bus information system, overhauled last week by Applied Information Group and Image Now, has been criticised in the past for failing to indicate which direction passengers are travelling in. What’s the worst information system you’ve experienced, and why? Only last week I was in France, flailing around Marseilles airport cursing graphic designers under my […]

Graduates too busy travelling miss out on work placements

I have read many letters over the years bemoaning the lack of opportunities for graduates trying to get a start in the design industry. This year we decided to offer eight graduates a placement, with a view to taking one of them on as a full-time junior in September. We attended DA&D New Blood, New […]

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