Mat Dolphin creates Callooh Callay website

Mat Dolphin has created a new website for Callooh Callay, a Lewis Carroll-inspired bar in London’s Shoreditch.

The consultancy began working on the website in November after it was approached by the bar owner, having created its previous site in 2009.

The consultancy was briefed to create a site with improved functionality that would be easier to use and would allow staff greater flexibility in updating it.

Mat Dolphin creative director Phil Cook says, ‘The bar has grown a lot in the past year and it just had a lot more to say.’

The look and feel for the site was inspired by the bar’s fantasy theme, and features elements found in Callooh Callay, such as a wardrobe leading to a hidden bar, cocktails served in gramophones and pink flamingos.

Cook says, ‘We wanted it to have a little bit of mystery and encapsulate the quirky atmosphere of the bar.’

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