Back to the Drawing Room

Sharpies and London have provided tools and inspiration for many an illustrator in the past, and these aids are to be the centre of a new commission at London’s Drawing Room space.

Laying down the draw
Laying down the draw

From next week, London-based artist Aleksandra Mir will be taking over the gallery and transforming it into an industrious production space for a fortnight, flanked by ten assistants.

The team will be using Sharpies to ‘respond to the exploding energy of the fast-developing London skyline and explores drawing as a collective activity’, according to the gallery.

The final piece will then go on show for a further six weeks.

Aleksandra Mir, Newsroom 5, 2008

Source: courtesy of Mary Boone gallery

Aleksandra Mir, Newsroom 5, 2008

We’re told that the image will present a London-based mural, featuring the city’s iconic architecture and ‘expansive street scenes’ in a sort of black-outlined, modern day Hogarthian piece, we imagine. Without the discarded infants and gin-soaked melancholy.

The piece will measure an impressive four metres high and a whopping 24 meters in length.

All hands on deck
All hands on deck

‘My objectives are to push drawing beyond the confines of the small-scale, manageable sheet of paper towards a larger unruly reality; at once a stage set, a choreography and a performative act’, says Mir.

‘ It will blend many art forms into one continuous process and activity where a lot is determined beforehand, but as much left to the energies and personalities of the people who will occupy the space and the daily goings on there.’

Drawing Room: Aleksandra Mir Solo Show runs from 27 May – 19 July at Drawing Room,12 Rich Estate, Crimscott Street, London SE1 5TE

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