Cancer Research UK brand system, by SomeOne


Consultancy SomeOne has created a new design system for Cancer Research UK and its portfolio of services.

The new system involves a way to “signpost” the five main groups, which are Discovery Research, Translational Research, Clinical Research, Population Research and Research Careers.

SomeOne created pictograms for each one, based on constructions of molecular models. They were originally modelled using glass rods and ceramic ball sockets, and are “scientifically accurate”, says the consultancy.

They include a DNA strand (Discovery), a protein structure (Translational), a human figure (Clinical), a globe (Population) and a ladder (Careers).

Tom Dabner, lead designer at SomeOne, says: “We really wanted to elevate the visual language to the same levels of precision and complexity that the scientists bring to CRUK with their research, while creating something beautiful to look at.”

CRUK SRF Rotating Together from SomeOne on Vimeo.