Centre Point wrap, by Eley Kishimoto

Image of wrap 2

London’s Centre Point building has today been wrapped in a bespoke pattern created by fashion designer Eley Kishimoto.

The wrap will clothe the 34-floor landmark for six months, and is a monochromatic print named “Private Views”, which was inspired by Centre Point’s architecture.

“Inspiration for the 17 prints came from spending time within and around the building, and the patterns are an interpretation of its 1960s architecture, the repetitive nature of its structure and the way the skyscraper acts as a central, focal landmark for Londoners,” says Mark Eley, co-artistic director at Eley Kishimoto.

He adds: “It’s so exciting to see our work on such a huge scale, acting as a backdrop in the centre of one of the capital’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.”

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Image of wrap 11