Dart x Design, by various designers

© Aruliden

When we think of dartboards, connotations of music-less, ale-filled, old-fashioned pubs and splintered, ancient wooden boards arise.

But now, designers including Base Design and Karim Rashid have reimagined the dartboard as part of charity project Dart x Design, organised by consultancy Frog.

Interpretations include a colourful, 3D-printed board from Alex Trochut, a mathematical, geometric board from Makerbot, and an illuminated board from Dino Sanchez.

The boards have all been auctioned off, with the aim of raising money for New York-based non-profit Art Start, which provides creative workshops for disadvantaged young people.

© Designapplause
© Frog
© Joe Doucet
© Piotr Woronkowicz
© Mat Sanders
© Dino Sanchez
© Alex Trochut