Endless Journey, by Tom Gauld and Brighten The Corners

Endless Journey Low Res 1[1]

An artist has created illustrations to depict scenes from a novel using a contemporary version of 19th century art technique myriorama.

The technique consists of creating a set of printed cards, which form a seamless scene when laid out in any formation.

Artist Tom Gauld was commissioned by The Laurence Sterne Trust to recreate two novels by author Laurence Sterne. Consultancy Brighten The Corners designed the cards, while Gault illustrated them.

The cards depict The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy and A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy.

Titled Endless Journey, they are made using James Cropper vanguard paper in pink and ivory, and will be exhibited alongside rare Victorian myriorama illustrations at The Shandy Hall in York.

The artist was commissioned by The Laurence Sterne Trust. An online version of a selection of combinations of the myriorama can be viewed on their website. Print copies are also available to buy.

The project was supported by the Arts Council.

Tom Gauld Endless Journey 4
Tom Gauld Endless Journey 5
Tom Gauld Endless Journey 1
Tom Gauld Endless Journey 2