Me and EU postcards, by various designers

by Chester Holme

UK-based creatives have come together to create postcards that reach out to European studios and aim to create a sense of unity between the UK and EU.

The project was set up by designers Nathan Smith and Sam T Smith as an open brief in June 2016. Now, over 100 designers have participated, including Craig Oldham, Jim Sutherland, NB Studio and Kesselskramer.

On 29 March – when Article 50 was triggered and the Brexit process officially started – postcards were sent to studios across the 27 EU member countries to “open a dialogue and encourage collaboration”, says Sam T Smith.

All the postcards can be viewed on the Me and EU website.

by Jim Sutherland
by Craig Oldham
By Stephen Maurice Graham
by NB Studio
by Deanna Halsall
by Harry Grundy