Fortnum & Mason confectionery range, by Design Bridge

Fortnum and Mason Novelties open

Design Bridge has created packaging designs for a new Fortnum & Mason chocolate collection.

The “matchbox” confectionary range includes handmade chocolates in the shape of five animals or insects associated with the English countryside, including a ladybird, hedgehog, tortoise, mouse and frog. A box has been designed for each “creature”.

The packaging design is inspired by vintage matchboxes, which are “often associated with childhood play and the storing of special keepsakes,” says the consultancy.

Each box has an illustration, individual features representing each animal – such as spots for the ladybird box – and contains green tissue paper representing grass.

There’s nothing quite like putting keepsakes into a special box for that sense of nostalgia and careful preservation,” says Hayley Barrett, senior designer at Design Bridge. “With these matchbox chocolates, we were looking to evoke a sense of childhood playfulness and care for something precious.”

Fortnum and Mason Novelties close upFortnum & Mason Nove#A16797Fortnum and Mason Novelties sidesFortnum and Mason Novelties v1Fortnum and Mason no#B2FD5E