Hoxton Mini Press Series, by various artists


Publisher Hoxton Mini Press has released a new series of books, which aims to celebrate “bold, playful, art photography”.

The Mini Mini series is comprised of small, collectable books by artists and photographers from around the world, which aim to “broaden the appeal of art photography”, says the publisher.

The three photography-based books in this series include Badly Repaired Cars by Ronni Campana, Bubblegum by Emily Stein and Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model by Oli Kellett and Alex Holder.

The first showcases close-ups of cars held together by tape, plastic and string to explore “the best or worst in auto DIY”. The second features photographs of children blowing bubblegum on beaches to portray “freedom and innocence”, says the publisher, while the third features shots of hands of famous hand models who have featured in advertising campaigns, showing 24 different ways to peel a banana.

The books are £12.95 each and can be purchased from the Hoxton Mini Press site.