Lamb Weston branding, by Williams Murray Hamm

03_LW_SREADS[2]Williams Murray Hamm has rebranded potato product suppliers Lamb Weston to “change the way the brand interacts with customers”.

The logo has been “gently refined”, says the consultancy, with the addition of an ellipsis. The icon aims to symbolise three potatoes and is used as a graphic device throughout the new branding.

The shape has been used as food containers featured on packaging, and is used to form a map on the website, among other applications.

The consultancy has also created a series of films, an internal magazine and a brand book for the company, alongside the brand refresh.

Lamb Weston is owned by ConAgra Foods, and was founded in 1950. Williams Murray Hamm has been working with the company for the last two years to create the updated brand strategy and visual identity.

The new identity rolls out globally this month.

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