Lines of War 1933-45, by Gustavo Vitulo


Brazil-based designer Gustavo Vitulo has created a book looking at graphic and editorial design in the World War II era.

It looks at how the war period influenced the graphic design sector, and saw the emergence of artistic movements such as modernism.

Running throughout the 100-page book is two alternative timelines, with a different editorial design for each. The aim was to provide readers with “two navigation methods” when reading the book, giving alternate pages to each timeline.

One timeline represents the historical journey of editorial design, while the other represents a timeline of the war. The design of each timeline is starkly different, with a “red, bloody, anxious” design for the war and an “objective and modernist” look for the history of design.

Embossing on the front cover of the book represents the two different timelines.

Only one copy of the book has currently been printed, but Vitulo is speaking with publishers to get it to market. Take a look at the full project on Behance.