Oumph! identity, by Snask


Swedish consultancy Snask has created the identity and packaging for new vegetarian food brand Oumph!. Snask was commissioned by sustainability group Futerra, and created an identity that the consultancy says has been inspired by the look and feel of “food trucks and chalkboard scribbles”. “The brand identity feels off-the-hook, punk, and raw, since the brand is anything but your run-of-the-mill, boring eco-friendly veggie product,” says Magnus Berg, founder and design director at Snask.

oumph_garlic-thyme-1250x804oumph_jerk-1250x804oumph_alla-1250x804oumph_close_square1-1250x1077oumph_handwritten-1250x804Styling for all photos by Elisabeth Johansson and food photography by Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.