Roald Dahl-themed school interiors, by De Rosee Sa and PMR


A primary school in Buckinghamshire has built a new dining hall based on the work of author Roald Dahl.

Buckinghamshire’s Prestwood Infant School commissioned architectural practices De Rosee Sa and PMR to design the new hall, which is based on the story of Fantastic Mr Fox.

The book’s idea of an ‘underground village’ with various animals living in it has been replicated through the interiors.

It includes a one-to-one teaching space, two toilets painted to represent a fox’s den, a bush with berries and a depiction of Mr Fox’s tail. A plywood bookcase also runs across the length of the building, and includes window seats for reading.

Each class of students has been named after an animal, and matched with a window or doorway as part of the ‘underground village’ theme.

Max de Rosee, director at De Rosee Sa, says: “It has been incredibly rewarding for us as architects to see the delight on the pupils’ faces. Design has great potential to inspire and it is our job as architects to push that agenda.”

The £158,000 building will also be rented out as a facility for the local community, to help bring in revenue for the school.