Stafford House interiors and branding, by Mystery


Consultancy Mystery has created the interiors and branding for a new study space in San Francisco.

Stafford House International is a group of English language schools, originally based in the UK.

Mystery helped to recreate the brand as it moved to an international presence, with new offices in San Francisco, San Diego, Calgary and Toronto. The consultancy worked with architect Nichols Booth to design the interiors for the first location, and will now move on to the other three.

The visual look of the brand aims to create a “bright, inspirational, youthful and comfortable environment”, says Mystery, while each site includes references to location-specific heritage and culture.

The San Francisco site was based on the city’s arcade gaming heritage, with space invader motifs and oversized soft furnishings incorporated into the space.

“Bold, primary colours” were used for the brand identity, says the consultancy, but these were toned down for the interiors, which have a “neutral base of muted greys and subtler shades” and “flashes of blue and yellow” for reception signage, lockers and chairs.