Sustainable Restaurant Association, by Ave Design


Ave Design has created a new visual identity for the Sustainable Restaurant Association, which uses negative space to create illusion of cutlery shapes.

The Sustainable Restaurant Association is a non-profit organisation which aims to help restaurants and diners become more sustainable in their food choices.

Ellie Thompson, creative director at Ave Design, says that the silhouette shapes of a knife and fork aim to represent “inseparability” between the consumption of food and the organisation’s mission.

The colour palette for the branding has taken inspiration from the food service sector, which is “full of fresh, beautiful ingredients”, says Thompson.

“We combined images, colour and text with our graphic devices to create layouts that feel full of action and vibrancy,” she says.

She adds that the use of a handwritten font and sketched graphic devices were used to achieve a “hands-on, authentic and free-flowing look and feel”.

The branding, which starts rolling out this week, will be applied to campaign and marketing collateral, signage, digital communications and the website.

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