The Gentleman Floris identity, by Design Bridge


Design Bridge has created the packaging and visual identity for new men’s grooming range The Gentleman Floris.

The range, produced by perfume house Floris, has been designed for the “quintessential English gentleman”, says the consultancy.

Design Bridge says it wanted to root the design in the brand’s 300-year history while also “appealing to younger male customers”.

Inspiration was drawn from the perfume store’s location at 89 Jermyn Street in London, through the use of embossed patterns based on local street maps and the number 89 highlighted, says Holly Kierlty, creative director of brand language at Design Bridge.

She says: “With its craftsmen and tailors geared to the quintessential English gentleman, The Jermyn Street area also led to our thinking for the new name of the range, ‘The Gentleman Floris’.”

The consultancy says the packaging design was was also inspired by the shop itself. Carolina Pelosato, design director at Design Bridge, says: “A direct reference to the brass detailing of the shop-front’s window frames became an important element of the range’s identity – we included a brass-copper strip that runs across the front of all the packaging designs.”

The range includes a face moisturiser, shaving soap and aftershave balm.