11 December 1997

Head-to-head for Tesco job

Wagstaffs made six people redundant on Monday in a “streamlining and restructuring exercise”, according to consultancy partner Jonathan Shaw. Four of the job losses are designers – one senior – while the other two are administration positions, says Shaw. No more redundancies are expected. The branding consultancy wants to “concentrate on being more cost-effective and […]

Bring out the Branson

The Virgin Global Challenger website has been launched to mark Virgin supremo Richard Branson’s third attempt at ballooning non-stop around the world next year. It has presented a unique challenge to website designers at Virgin Net, the giant group’s superhighway division. The site will “show what it is like for the team to be cooped […]

Clubbed to death

Legendary south London nightclub Ministry of Sound has launched a magazine for its devotees. Inveterate clubber Lauren Mills finds it lacking in substance.

Design House hunts for staff

Design House is on the hunt for three senior designers following four major job wins. – “We have had such a fantastic year that the requirement is to staff up to meet clients’ needs,” says client services director Lavinia Culverhouse.

T5op promotions as MTA expands

MTA Design’s client services director Ibrahim Ibrahim has been promoted to managing director, allowing chairman Maurice Acton to concentrate more fully on his role as chairman. The group is expecting to fill several other senior positions at its London office by a combination of new appointments and further promotions. Since separating from Marcello Minale, the […]

Time to demonstrate just how good we are

With regard to your editorial on the British brand identity (DW 28 November), it is well understood that any brand identity should express its brand platform. Form should follow function. I therefore completely concur with your point that, “we shouldn’t encourage the view that you can change perception instantly by changing Britain’s name or slapping […]

Targetting the little people

If trends in the US are anything to go by, designers and marketers should be lowering their sights and aiming at children as a route to their parents’ pockets. Mike Evamy looks at some of the measures that have been taken to exploit pester-power.


Over 70 respected professionals from within the photographic and creative worlds have been invited to nominate their favourite or most memorable photograph from 1997 for an exhibition of work entitled Ninety-Seven. Until 17 January 1998. Venue: The Association of Photographers, 9-10 Domingo Street, London EC1. Conceived on Christmas brings together photographs representing diverse perspectives of […]

Marque my words

All of us in the identity business have problems with definitions. Please don’t make matters worse by introducing “marque” as a substitute for “mark” (Comment, DW 28 November). Mark is, as yet, crystal clear. The word marque has been most frequently used in relation to cars, where it conveniently bracketed name, style and values. Let […]

Art information service identity by Luxon Carr

A free new visual arts service launched this week, providing information on nearly 2500 contemporary UK artists. Artwork and logo for Axis have been designed by Luxon Carr. The multimedia service offers access to a database with details of each artists’ work history, images of their work, training and contact details. Printouts of details and […]

We do not want to be branded like cattle

The question I would like to ask is: What is Britain now and what does it mean? What with Common Markets, International Trading Agreements at one end of the scale and moves to segment us into regional pockets at the other – where does “Britain” as such fit in? This country is going through immense […]

Maf appointment

The new Ministry for Agriculture and Fisheries has appointed Tatham Pearce to create its identity, after a five-way paid pitch against Wolff Olins, The Jenkins Group, Central Office of Information and Lloyd Northover Citigate (DW 7 November). Tatham Pearce will create a logo and possibly a new name for the department. A strategy is being […]

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