16 April 2009

News in Pictures

The work of Scottish glass artists will be on show in the Scottish Glass Society’s exhibition Migrate: 30 Years of Scottish Glass, which launches at Inverness Museum and Art Gallery on 4 July before touring the Highlands. Pictured here is The Sea Witch by

Yellow feast

When a brand such as Selfridges celebrates 100 years of existence, it’s a safe bet that the bells and whistles will come out. The department store will do just that when its centenary celebrations explode in a blaze of yellow on Oxford Street next month. Selfridges has commissioned designers, such as Paul Smith and Vivienne […]

Why not share and share alike?

If the recession starts to bite and cost-cutting kicks in, you don’t have to watch your best people walk out the door never to return, says Mike Bennett As chief executive of local creative industries support network Bristol Media, I’m fortunate enough to meet other consultancy heads and owners on a regular basis to chew […]

Sebastian Conran calls for intelligent links with art schools

There is a place for link-ups between art schools and industry, whichcan be of mutual benefit for students and business, but Sebastian Conran takes issuewith those who treat colleges as little more than a source of cheap design Product innovation is a serious, risky undertaking and experienced judicious design expertise is required to improve the […]

Creating type in three dimensions

In the e-book era, physical manifestations of type may be destined for the museum cabinet, but enthusiasts from across the globe still relish the challenges of crafting type in three dimensions. Anna Richardson gets to grips with what’s on offerWhen designer Jeanette Abbink describes a bygone world of type – Gutenberg and the centuries that […]

Profile: Gareth Williams

As a museum curator, Gareth Williams is an interesting choice for a design post at the Royal College of Art. As he oversees a new exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, Liz Farrelly talks to the self-styled generalist


The New Deal of the Mind coalition is asking the design community to propose job-creation strategies for the creative sector. What would you suggest? The Government must help in four ways. Eliminate the bureaucratic rubbish coming out of Brussels – companies are nervous to hire because redundancy procedures are farcical. Reduce National Insurance – 12.8 […]

Wally, brands are measurable financial assets these days

Wally Olins’ recent article (Futile figures, DW 19 February) ignored the business reasons for increasing the technical robustness of brand valuations. Brands regularly change hands, requiring brand valuations for accounting, tax and financing purposes. Global accounting standards require the valuation of all assets, including brands, following an acquisition. Every major tax authority requires the valuation […]

Let’s dump the concept of ambition vs lifestyle

It’s always good to see Design Week (West life feature, DW 26 March) re-exploding the frustratingly persistent myth that designers can’t combine ambition and lifestyle outside the capital (we even have broadband, decent coffee and schools for the kids!). Ambition and quality of life are not mutually exclusive – perhaps this is true in London, […]

Finch’s Liverpool identity is a lazy, uninspiring cocktail

You can’t imagine how depressing it is for me not to be able to congratulate Liverpool for conceiving and producing a courageous brand identity worthy of the creative energy, brilliant originality and great heritage of this idiosyncratic and marvellous city (DW 2 April). But what do we have? A lazy, dull, unimaginative and uninspiring cocktail […]

Inspired, Nicolas Tye: Nicolas Tye Architects

The opportunity to design your own architectural office in the middle of a field is the kind of chance that does not come along very often, even for an architect, but we took this opportunity and made it an award-winning piece. As you study the building you can’t help but realise where the architecture is […]

Pepys show

These days, everyone’s a diarist. We leave a perpetual digital trail of our lives in blogs, social networking sites, text messages and tweets. Nothing’s too trivial or mundane to record – the price of onions, a delayed train, an itchy nose, a like, a gripe, a passing observation. A person’s life in all its glorious […]

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